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Like many mortgage professionals, you are likely looking to fully master the first level of the Pyramid of a Complete Loan Officer (Essential Knowledge). And that means you need information. Lots of it. But with so many resources out there, finding the info you want can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve collected all of the information you could ever need and organized it for you at LoanToolbox.com.

Within LoanToolbox, you fill find an abundance of tools to help you master the essentials of the mortgage industry.

Features & Benefits of Membership

Turn-key Marketing Campaigns
  Enhance your marketing with over 800 downloads including emails, flyers, audio files, ready-to-burn CDs, postcards, informational handbooks, and more.
Develop Referral Relationships
  Build a 100% referral-based business with LoanToolbox. Pursue, solidify, and maintain referral relationships with comprehensive tutorials and proven-to-work campaigns. Target CPAs, Real Estate Agents, Bankers, and more.
Learning Center
  The heart of LoanToolbox membership. Gain knowledge and confidence in your skills with practical information, tips, and techniques from the nation’s top originators – originators who have already reached your goal at the top of the Pyramid. Hands-on training sessions will give you the real-world experience you need to succeed.
LoanToolbox Community
  When you join, you will become one of our most valuable resources – a member of the LoanToolbox Community. Participate in our highly active online message boards and learn from your peers. Share your experiences (it works both ways!) with a peer in Alaska who will lend tricks of the trade he learned from a loan officer in Miami.
Talk to the Experts
  Imagine starting a software company and having monthly access to the mind of Bill Gates. In the world of mortgage professionals, that’s what its like to Talk to the Experts. Pick the brains of cream-of-the-crop mortgage professionals like Greg Frost and David Kuiper in our monthly conference calls. Send in questions, engage in dialogue and learn from others in these highly-productive calls.
“Tips from The Toolbox”
  Stay tuned to the latest mortgage news with weekly tips sent directly to your email and voicemail. We know it’s not easy to read dozens of newsletters and magazines to hone your trade – that’s why we do it for you and cherry pick the hottest tips for you.
Conference Call Series
  Top loan originators share their secrets of success in an ongoing series of conference calls. Use the knowledge gained from these calls to stay on top of the latest trends and successfully navigate your way through a constantly changing landscape.
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"I just signed up for Platinum Plus last week. My first message to my entire database went out the other day and I already have had an inquiry for a $1 million re-fi, a potential referral to a Real Estate Agent, and another inquiry from a client that wants to get out of their ARM into a Fixed. Not a bad return after only 2 days of use."
Jeff Wilensky

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